We understand that all of our clients have unique situations. This requires us to be open minded and flexible.  There have been times when our clients did not have weeks for us to complete their sale. Our success rate in these times have been perfect. Fast Real Estate closings, foreclosures, immediate relocations are some of the challenges our clients have met. Many times we have we finished the job within (8) days of being retained. We will sell ninety percent of your contents at a fair market price, then leave your home empty and broom swept.

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It is possible to complete an Estate Sale from start to finish in one week.

This service may sound surprising and we take pride in being able to accomplish this. Whether the job seems small or large, we can assist. We remain flexible while implementing the strategies needed to complete an Express Estate Sale quickly.

Midtown Estate Sales is Port St Lucie’s Estate Sale Company

Contact us today to discuss your unique situation. A solution will be available. Feel free to call 321-693-4802 for fast service.