A Midtown Estate Sale street sign placed in the golden sands of a Melbourne Florida beach
From the beaches of Melbourne to Stuart, The Midtown Estate Sale Team is here to serve

What are your fees or commissions for conducting an estate sale?                                                                                                             Our fee only has a slight variance depending on the content we will be liquidating.  You may expect our fee to range between 30% and 40%.  The great new is that the fee is all inclusive.  This means that we incur all expenses necessary to complete a successful estate sale.  Please contact us today for a complimentary consultation. 

How much advanced planning do you require to conduct an estate sale or liquidation?                                                                                                                               We remain flexible to meet your needs.  If you need the sale or liquidation to occur quickly, we will do our best to serve you.

When will I receive the proceeds from the sale or liquidation?                                       You may have disbursement whenever you would like. We will issue a final statement via email within (2) hours of sale completion.  We can arrange for same day disbursement.

Do I need to be at the sale or liquidation?                                                                           It is actually advisable for you not to be there.  You may relax as we enjoy doing it all.

Would you consider selling our home or business?                                                           We feel that we can serve our clients best by focusing on selling or liquidating the contents of your home or business.   However, we have partnered with the most productive Realtors and business brokers in both Indian River and Brevard Counties.  If you choose,  feel free to ask or a referral.